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Deakin excels to MyGolfer of the Month
Deakin Emblem
Deakin Emblem in action.

Golf is everything to 13-year-old Deakin Emblem.

A regular at Rosewood Golf Club, west of Brisbane, Deakin doesn’t let physical challenges get in the way of his dream to be a top golfer.

Living with ADHD along with an intellectual impairment that also affects hearing and speech, Deakin is incredibly dedicated out on course.

Originally introduced to the sport by his grandfather, Deakin has been committed to the game since.

And according to Rosewood MyGolf co-ordinator Peter O’Sullivan, he has “the heart of a horse”.

“Deakin never misses a training session,” Peter said.

“He listens to everything he is told, hanging off every word, and if you give him praise he comes out with the biggest grin.

“He is without a doubt the hardest working student that any instructor could ask for.”

Deakin recently attended his first competition –  winning the encouragement award – and couldn’t be happier to participate.

“He is such a polite, lovely kid,” Peter said. “We teach all kids etiquette at the club, and he is one of the politest.

“Deakin has even kept me in check with keeping quiet out on course!”

Deakin’s mother Peta is proud to see him find an outlet that he can enjoy.

“It is great to see Deakin be able to involve himself in sport as children his age are much larger compared to his small frame,” Peta said.

“Golf has allowed him to be much more social and get his muscles moving.

“He feels as though he can be just as good as any other kid, without feeling segregated.

“The sport has really brought him out of his shell, all thanks to his grandfather Frank, who has been taking him out on course and coaching him since he first began hitting a ball four years ago.”

Congratulations on your achievement, Deakin!

The MyGolf team is very proud of your efforts!