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MyGolf a major hit at the Emirates Australian Open!

The MyGolf Interactive Zone at the Royal Sydney Golf Club during  the 2016 Emirates Australian Open was a huge hit for the juniors.

Various activities were provided for the MyGolfers over the course of the week, including signatures and photos with the players!

Plenty of prizes and giveaways were handed out each day, including shirts, caps, drink bottles, sunnies and coloured zinc!


MyGolf Clinic:

Tuesday afternoon provided 30 lucky MyGolfers with the chance to meet young Australian golfers Curtis Luck and Todd Sinnott.

The juniors began the clinic with giveaways, followed by advice and a range of shots from their heroes, as well as trick shots from the pair.

All the kids were provided with the opportunity to ask both Curtis and Todd a range of questions throughout the session to learn as much as possible about the golfing world.

This was followed by signatures, photos and the chance to hit golf balls themselves on the Royal Sydney driving range!

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all, even the parents couldn’t wipe the smile from their faces!


Adam Scott Q & A:

The Adam Scott question and answer session was a huge highlight for local MyGolfers, as they were given the opportunity to discuss Adam’s life on tour and learn about the game.

An abundance of giveaways were provided, as well as signatures and photos with Adam during the session.

The kids were all smiles as they got to meet their golfing idol in person.


School Excursions:

The opening two days of the tournament provided four local schools with the opportunity to visit Royal Sydney for a chance to practise golf and visit the course during play.

The kids were bursting with excitement as they witnessed shots metres from the professionals and received signatures from players on the range. Some lucky visitors were even handed a golf ball or two!

The kids challenged each other to get as many signatures as possible, while others were raring to hit the golf ball themselves at our MyGolf inflatable chipping targets.

The two days were filled with positivity and laughter, with beginners promising to become golfers in the near future! We hope to see them out on course soon!


Interactive Zone:

Throughout the weekend the interactive zone was very popular for the public, with constant traffic throughout the area.

Juniors were given the chance to practise golf whilst at the tournament by using the inflatable hitting targets and even accessing a section of the practice putting green the tournament players were using!

A range of skill sets were seen visiting the activities, with many not having played golf before.

The zone proved an immensely positive experience for all, with giveaways and prizes available to all participants in the area.


Guard of Honour:

Eight extremely lucky MyGolfers from Bankstown Golf Club had the chance to “high-five” Emirates Australian Open champion Jordan Spieth on the 18th green as he made his way out to collect the championship trophy.

After the speeches and celebrations had taken place, a photo opportunity was provided, as well as the chance to touch the cup as requested by Jordan himself!


All in all, the week of the tournament was a success in providing a positive golfing experience for everyone involved.