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There are many benefits for clubs, facilities and PGA Members across Australia, in becoming an official MyGolf Centre. Some of these benefits include:

  • Sustainable financial model
  • To be recognised as a facility that is running Australia‚Äôs national junior program administered by Golf Australia and the PGA of Australia
  • Provides a highly developed program structure to follow
  • Promote the Centre for free via the MyGolf website
  • Increase in the number of juniors which can lead to an increase in the number of club members
  • Access to extensive resources and equipment
  • Flexible program framework to suit the Centre
  • Juniors will be directed to Centres via the MyGolf web site
  • Opportunity to engage with parents and other family members who can become future golf participants at your facility
  • Participants receive an enrolment pack
  • Registered participants and the Centre coaches and volunteers are covered by insurance
  • Opportunity to link with national, state, territory and foundation events
  • Ongoing support and assistance from Golf Australia and the PGA of Australia