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School programs

The MyGolf Primary school program and the Golf Australia Secondary school program are designed to ensure participants meet the ACARA curriculum learning outcomes and have fun when doing so. There are grade specific resource manuals equipped with learning intentions and focus questions, as well as an interactive resource app available to assist in the delivery of these programs. These programs can be teacher delivered (School Ambassadors) or can be delivered through Sporting Schools by PGA Professionals or Accredited Community Instructors.

Booking a Program

Schools can book a MyGolf Primary or Secondary program through Sporting Schools. The structure and number of sessions offered through sporting schools can be flexible depending on the type of programs schools would like to deliver.

Note: When booking a program through the above link, please provide all program information (i.e. number of sessions/internal or external coach) through the Sporting Schools online online booking system and then our state/territory coordinators will be in contact from this point forward.

Primary School Program

The MyGolf Sporting Schools program aims to introduce primary school children to the game of golf through fun, engaging and challenging activities that are easily adapted for a range of age groups and skill levels.

The preferred MyGolf Sporting Schools program model is a four session in school program with an optional fifth or final session at a local golf club/facility. This structure can be flexible depending on the type of program schools would like to deliver. We can look to cater a program to your needs if the preferred structure does not suit.

The program can be delivered by accredited PGA of Australia Golf Professionals, Community Golf Instructors or a teacher from within the school. Golf Australia and the PGA offer an online training module specifically for teachers or coaches delivering golf in schools. To complete this training please head to

Suggested MyGolf Primary School Program Structure:

Secondary School Program

Operating under the junior golf Joint Venture between Golf Australia and the PGA of Australia, the new GA Secondary School program incorporates a range of delivery and students engagement methods to form a program that best meets the needs of the group.

Based on research findings from La Trobe University, the five session program is more advanced in its delivery and consists of three sessions of skill development, one week of strategic games and one week of game play.

With all games and lessons aligning with the national HPE curriculum, the program is a great option for teachers looking to provide their students with a new engaging sporting option.

State/Territory Contacts for Sporting Schools

Golf Australia
Contact: Johanna Tilden
Phone: (03) 9626 5000

Golf Australia (SA)
Contact: Allan Telford
Phone: (08) 8267 1353

Jack Newton Junior Golf (ACT/NSW)
Contact: Ross Abbott
Phone: (02) 9567 7736

Golf Australia (Tasmania)
Contact: Simon Weston
Phone: (03) 6244 3600

Golf Australia (NT)
Contact: Ravin Du Plessis
Phone: (08) 8927 6950

Golf Australia (Victoria)
Contact: Henry Paye
Phone: (03) 8545 6216

Golf Australia (Queensland)
Contact: Scott Simons
Phone: (07) 3252 8155

Golf WA
Contact: Billie Burvill
Phone: (08) 9367 2490