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Best female amateur golfers inspire next gen
Steph Bunque - MyGolf Girls
Steph Bunque hitting demo shots for MyGolf participants at Victoria Golf Club

“Wow, she hit it all the way to Asia!”

For six-year-old girls watching Golf Australia national squad member and Victorian Institute of Sport scholarship holder Steph Bunque hit drives, this feels possible!

In a bid to inspire the next generation of female golfers, several of Australia’s best female amateurs have recently visited MyGolf girls programs across the country.  

Steph spent time chatting with the girls from Victoria Golf Club’s MyGolf girls program before hitting a few shots. She’s been playing for ten years and was excited to tell the girls about her experiences of growing up playing the game and talk about her trip the USA to play in top amateur events.


Pictured: South Australian state team representatives Charley Jacobs and Jin-Young Yun sign hats and posters at Kooyonga Golf Club.

Kooyonga Golf Club’s future stars also received a surprise when South Australian state team representatives Charley Jacobs and Jin-Young Yun turned up to their MyGolf girls session.

“Hopefully the girls enjoyed watching us play and will keep enjoying their golf,” said Yun.

In what might have been Jacobs and Yun’s most nerve-wracking interview to date, the kids were given the opportunity to ask questions and ask for tips. They were grilled about their fitness and there was a lot of interest in what they ate on-course!

“Charley and I talked about the exercises she does and what she loves about golf,” said MyGolfer Jaime Hards. “It was pretty cool.”


Pictured: Maddy Tolchard leading a warm-up and hitting shots for MyGolf girls at Royal Perth Golf Club.

Ten more MyGolf girls, this time from Royal Perth Golf Club, were also inspired after meeting Australian Junior Champion and Western Australia state player Maddy Tolchard.

Maddy took the girls through a warm-up routine, demonstrated some shots on the range, helped the girls as they practiced and then answered questions back in the clubhouse.

“Helping out at the girls at their MyGolf session was pretty cool because, when I look back on my younger years as a golfer, I remember the times when I looked up to particular player. Seeing all the younger girls come through and what we have to look forward to for the future is exciting,” said Tolchard.


With Golf Australia’s recently released Vision 2025 focused on inspiring more girls to get into golf, expect to see more of Australia’s top female players joining the movement and supporting MyGolf girls programs around the country.

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