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Students find their range
Yarrilee SS

Clinics are great, but the real deal is even better.

That’s what Sporting Schools golf students are finding around Australia as local clubs and facilities are proving a huge hit.

One of the facilities that students have attended to enhance their students’ golf experience has been the local driving range.

With the ability to offer students an opportunity to refine their skills, hit real golf balls in a controlled and safe environment, the driving range is the ideal facility for learning golf’s skills.

During Term 4, selected Year 3 students of Yarrilee State School, Hervey Bay, Queensland embarked on a Golf Developmental Program after forming a relationship with the Hervey Bay Driving Range.

Greg Cathcart, deputy principal of Yarrilee State School, says the opportunities presented through the Sporting Schools program to form links with such local facilities can be used to enhance students’ learning.

“Our school is striving to develop sporting excellence by offering our students a range of sporting opportunities,” Cathcart said.

“With the assistance of Sporting Schools funding, we have been able to commence a program of teaching students the great game of golf in a golf facility.

“Students have been working on swing analysis, practising their stroke play on the driving range and learning the art of putting on the mini golf course.

“We are grateful for the support of Scott Simons at Golf Queensland and that of the Hervey Bay Driving Range golf professionals in supporting us in this venture.

“The ongoing support of our local sporting facilities is vital in improving our programs we offer and the driving range is a place that provides an excellent learning environment for our students.”